Doug in Gruesome Playground Injuries

Recognized as Lead Actor in a Play for “very strong performance.” Panelists felt the actor “showed amazing depth” and that “his arc as a character was fully realized.”

"Skin Tight jump-started Know Theatre’s fall season with a burst of energy. The story of a combustible marriage featured... Jens Rasmussen. The 90-minute piece, as much choreography as dialogue, was gripping and lyrical."

"One I'll remember for a long time. A visceral and moving production of Gary Henderson’s Skin Tight. The lyrical love story, both a lifetime and the blink of an eye, traced the passions of a relationship — including heart-rending emotional and gripping physical combat between a man and a woman — holding audiences rapt attention for 90 minutes. Performances by Beth Harris and Jens Rasmussen were among the best onstage anywhere this season."